Thank you for your consideration of the history we have preserved in our building, which goes along with the expectations we have of our guests. Don’t panic! It’s nothing less than what we think you would expect of guests in your own home. So, please review this in its entirety. Check-out: 11:00 AM. With front desk approval, later checkouts up until 1 pm may be possible. Without exception, checkouts anytime between 1-3 pm will be charged 1/2 of the regular room rate. Checkouts after 3 pm will be charged a full day’s rate.

EARLY DEPARTURES: In the unlikely event that you must shorten your stay or check out early, we must ask you to take responsibility for your entire reservation.

ONSITE RESTAURANT/TAVERN: A great amenity for our guests, hours of operation may change throughout the year. Thus, if the restaurant/tavern is a deciding factor, it is the guest’s responsibility to confirm hours of operation by visiting the appropriate link on their website,

ROOM RATES: Except for Calvert’s Sanctuary (occupancy 4), all room rates are based on double occupancy. Additional persons are charged at $15/night.

REGISTERED GUESTS: Unless you have notified us otherwise in advance, only the guests registered on this reservation will be permitted access to the 2nd and/or 3rd floor of the Inn.

HOUSEKEEPING: We pride ourselves in the quality services provided by our housekeeping staff. Industry standard for tipping is $5 per night. The Brick does reserve the right, when groups book multiple rooms and occupy a large percentage of the Inn, to automatically add $5 per night per room for housekeeping. You may see that housekeeping has automatically been added to your reservation. If you would prefer to tip our housekeepers personally, just let us know and we will remove the charge.

HOW YOUR FRIENDS/FAMILY MEMBERS/CO-WORKERS CAN REACH YOU: We have just about everything you need EXCEPT phones in guest rooms and 24-hour front desk service (so no wake-up calls – sorry!). However, staff assistance is available around-the-clock!

PETS: No Pets. Please call for help in making arrangements to board your pet.

GUEST BEHAVIOR: All guests are expected to respect our property and inn and restaurant guests. Therefore, we reserve the right to determine whether a guest’s behavior is disruptive in any way and to immediately ask the guest to depart, without refund. Disruptive behaviors include, but are not limited to, destruction of property, fighting, hollering, loud voices, and interaction that makes guests or staff uncomfortable. Unless a full-house booking, quiet time is 11 pm.

When lodging proposals have been offered and accepted, policies contained therein supersede those stated herein.

OTHER POTENTIAL CHARGES: We are a smoke-free establishment. If smoking occurs in the room, a $400 cleaning fee will be charged to the credit card on file. Designated outdoor smoking areas are available.

As a small boutique hotel, we retain a close inventory of our rooms and common areas and all items remain the property of The Brick Hotel On The Circle. Fees for missing or damaged items include, but are not limited to: Bathrobes: $125, Bath Towels – $50, Hand Towels – $30, Wash Cloths – $20, Room Keys $50.

ROOM CONDITIONS/UPKEEP: We strive to make sure that, upon your check-in, everything you need is in your room, and that your room is in pristine condition. If you don’t find this to be the case, within 30-minutes of your check-in please notify the innkeeper and your issues will be addressed. In saying this, we expect our guests to leave their room in the same condition they found it absent, of course, the normal end-of-stay “remains”! We expect to find dirty towels and linens, full trash cans and dirty plates & glasses. We do not expect to find the following (sample listing, not intended to be all-inclusive):

  1. Food and/or beverages in the beds or on the walls, floor, or doors.
  2. Trash anywhere other than in the trash cans provided for your use.
  3. Spills on the carpets that have not been reported to management.
  4. Broken items that have not been reported to the management.
  5. Items missing from the rooms (see appropriate fees).

When any of the above exist, the room is considered to have been left in unsatisfactory condition and a $50 Facility Upkeep Fee will be charged to the credit card on file. Damages will be charged separately at a cost determined by management.

COMMON AREAS: Parlor, Sitting Room, Veranda, Rooftop – We want our guests to enjoy these areas – they are awesome! But so that everyone can enjoy them at all times of the day and night, we ask each guest to be responsible for keeping the areas neat and ready for the next ones to enjoy. When you are done in the area …..

  • Dirty dishes are to be taken to the Parlor and placed on the counter.
  • Trash is to be removed from the area and placed in the nearest trash container (one in parlor, one on rooftop).

GROUP RESERVATIONS/GATHERINGS: We love having groups visit with us, but must require that consideration be given to guests that may not be a part of a group reservation. If your group occupies all 14 of our guest rooms, have at it and enjoy! But if this is not the case, we simply ask that your group respect our other guests by making sure that your gathering is not disruptive (ie., loud voices, hollering, walking throughout the inn, etc.) and that you adhere to our 11 pm quiet time.

So here it comes — if, in our opinion, any representative of your group is not being considerate of other Inn guests, we reserve the right to require your group to call it a night and demand that everyone retire to their respective rooms.

TRAVELING WITH MINORS: When minors are traveling with you, please be aware of the house rules below, as we are very strict about them. There is a 9:30 pm curfew for minors who are not under the direct supervision of an adult.

  1. Minors must remain under the constant supervision of an adult, both inside the building and on exterior building property. They may not: (a.) Roam the halls by themselves. (b.) Run in the hallways or anywhere inside the facility. (c.) Be loud and, thus, disruptive to other inn guests. (d.) Carry food throughout the building; food is to be eaten in a controlled environment — the restaurant, guest rooms, parlor or sitting areas (2nd floor).
  2. Minors are not permitted to jump on beds – these are antique beds and can be easily damaged by this kind of abuse.
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